idols         in association with                 The Jam House


1. Out Of The Bedroom           2. The Listening Room           3. The Jam House

BUBBLING UNDER: Acoustic Edinburgh, The Left Bank

ALL OTHER NOMINATIONS: Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh Folk Club, Henry's Cellar Bar, Home Street Bar, Royal Oak, Wee Red Bar

2. BEST ACOUSTIC ARTIST    (sponsored by Rae MacIntosh Music, 6 Queensferry St)

1. Lee Patterson             2. John Mowbray                  3. Lindsay Sugden

BUBBLING UNDER: Andi Neate, Ewan Michael Riley, Fraser Drummond, Graeme Mearn, Lindsay West, Norman Lamont, Spamborskee, William Douglas

ALL OTHERS: Aaron Wright, Adriana, Amy Duncan, Andy Lang, Andy Miller, Billy Bates, Calhoun, Chris Brown, Chris Green, Cloudland Blue Quartet, David Burns, Davy Watson, Douglas Kay, Electric White Boy, Emily Scott, Hannah O'Reilly, Indigo Rose, Iona Marshall, James Jamieson, James Parkinson, Lisa Paton, Little Pebble, Nobody Jones, Paul Gladwell, PoL, Ross Galloway, Scott Renton, Susanna Macdonald, Tommy Mackay

3. BEST ACOUSTIC ACT seen at an acoustic club / venue in Edinburgh

1. Norman Lamont & The Innocents      2. The Graeme Mearns Band    3. Confushian

BUBBLING UNDER: The Angel Conversations, Blueflint, The David Ferrard Trio, Ewan Michael Riley & Pawel Ozeh Orzechowski, Flowers For Algernon, Fru$hane, Gecko3, The Houdini Box, The Jones Brothers, Megaw, William Douglas & The Wheel

ALL OTHER NOMINATIONS: Aaron Wright & Harry Weeks, Aaron & Allan, Alan & Lee, Airfix, Androids, Chocyamo, Chris Brown & Band, The Circus, Community Service, Dale & Ross, The Dead Beat Club, The Decibels, Eagle Owl, Gordon Irvine / Satin Return, Green Orange, Impossible Songs, The Last Band, My Kappa Roots, The Space Cadets, Spokers Loan, Uhersky Brod, The Victorians / Naked Civil Service, Whyte & Mackay

4. BEST SONG by such an artist or act  (sponsored by Offbeat Scotland, music studio & production )

1. `I Found Love' - Jim Whyte    2. `Don't Let Her Slip Away' - John Mowbray   3. `One' - PoL

BUBBLING UNDER: `Atlantis' - Graeme Mearns, `I.O.U.' - Norman Lamont, `Newcastle' - Lindsay West, `Pidgin Scots' - Scott Renton, `Waterfall' - Fraser Drummond

ALL OTHER NOMINATIONS: Albasylum - Lisa Paton, Alive - Chris Brown, Boomerang Dream - Little Pebble, Broken Glass - Lindsay West, Call Back - Norman Lamont, Circa 1985 - The Dead Beat Club, Circles & Squares - William Douglas, Coffee Street - James Parkinson, Colours Of The Spring - John Mowbray, Come With Me - Norman Lamont, Crocodile Song - Cloudland Blue Quartet, Dancing Girls - Frank Macdonald, The Dark Shadows - David Burns, December - Graeme Mearns, Different Beat - Ewan Michael Riley, Empty Promises - David Burns, Everything Turns To You - The Dead Beat Club, Found - Gordon Irvine/Saturn Return, Four Chambers - Lynsey Hutchinson, From The Depths - The Victorians/Naked Civil Service, Half A Lifetime Away - Cloudland Blue Quartet, Happy Go Lucky Girl - PoL, How Can I - Lindsay West, How Can I Be Sure - Douglas Kay, How Many Times - Lindsay West, If You Had Only Said - Norman Lamont, I'm In Love With Anyone - Lindsay Sugden, Images - Megaw, In The Memory Of The Forest - John Mowbray, In This Life - Lindsay Sugden, Letters To Judas - Andy Lang, Like Audrey - Hannah O'Reilly, Listen to the Rain - Gordon Irvine/Saturn Return, Lovely Bones - Hannah O'Reilly, Melancholy Baby - Indigo Rose, My Time - Gordon Irvine/Saturn Return, Nicole - Norman Lamont, Ocean Wide - Ewan Michael Riley, One Hell Of A Ride - David Ferrard, Ordinary Life - Alex Naughton, Out On The Edge - Ewan Michael Riley, Passion - PoL, Plain Jane - William Douglas, Radical And A Riddle - Ewan Michael Riley, Rainy Friday - Tommy Mackay, Sailing - John Mowbray, Satisfied-Lindsay West, Seven Seconds - Gordon Irvine/Saturn Return, Slow Poke - Big Jim, A Sudden Release - Ewan Michael Riley, Three Degrees - Ewan Michael Riley, Time And Tide - Fraser Drummond, Trash Can Secrets - James Jamieson, Wasting Time - Lee Patterson, What Does It Matter - Graeme Mearns, Whatever Happens - Megaw, When You're In Love - William Douglas, You'll Dae-Lee Patterson

NB if any song titles are wrong or if songs are wrongly ascribed, please let us know (see bottom of page)

5. BEST CD by such an artist, act or club (sponsored by SafeSell - sell secure downloads)

1. Romantic Fiction 1 - NORMAN LAMONT
2. Dreams In Time And Space - FRASER DRUMMOND

John Mowbray - JOHN MOWBRAY
Paper Animals - ANDI NEATE
Seven Percent Solution - THE HOUDINI BOX
Sufferin' Succotash! - LEE PATTERSON
Welcome To Winter - PoL

ALL OTHER NOMINATIONS: Above The Restaurant - JAY BROWN, Album Sampler - ANDY MILLER, A Weegie In Auld Reekie - A.C.L.SPAMBORSKEE, The Dead Beat Club - THE DEAD BEAT CLUB, Letters To Judas - ANDY LANG WITH THE ZEALOTS, Precious - JAMES JAMIESON, Recognise - EWAN MICHAEL RILEY, Simple Songs From A Complicated Time - JASON WRINGE, Songs About September - CRAIG JAMES MONCUR, This Is Not A Drill - DAVID BURNS, A Thousand Lives - ADRIANA

 6. BEST PUB ACOUSTIC ACT (solo or duo)

1. Graeme Mearns   2. Lee Patterson    3. Nobody Jones

BUBBLING UNDER: Confushian, Ewan Michael Riley & Pawel Ozeh Orzechowski, John Mowbray, Kim Edgar, Peter Michael Rowan, Spamborskee, Susanna Macdonald

ALL OTHER NOMINATIONS  (NB these have not been checked for eligibility): Aaron Wright, Aaron & Allan, Adriana, Alan Davison, Andy Chung, Andy Lang, Bart Jackson, Cloudland Blue Quartet, Colin Calhoun, David Burns, Davie & Duncan, Emily Scott, Ewan Michael Riley, Fraser Drummond, Fru$hane, Ghostboy, Gordon Irvine/Satin Return, Hannah O'Reilly, Hoochie Fig, Ibby, The Jones Brothers, Lindsay Sugden, Lisa Paton, Martin Boland, Martin Phillip, Megaw, Ned Goodwin, Paul Gilbody, PoL, The Space Cadets, Trip Fontaine, The Victorians / Naked Civil Service, Whyte & Mackay, William Douglas   


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